About Us

Clazzez is a community based platform for talented individuals to promote and manage their unique skills and talents while allowing prospective students to discover and engage in a meaningful learning with their educators.

'Make most of the Talents that make YOU!'- with this inspiration, Clazzez connects people to unique learning experiences at any price point both within their neighborhood and globally. Clazzez is an easy way for talented individuals to monetize their unique skills around their choice of location and price.

Whether you are interested in learning new skills/talents or you are interested in teaching your unique skills/talents, Clazzez helps you connect with unique learning experiences globally. With a world class platform, you can be assured that you can find any class at Clazzez! So if it’s your every day skills like Music, Dance, Sports etc or rare learning experiences like Xiao (Chinese flute), Arghul (Arabic double pipe), Gaelic handball etc, chances are that you will find the classes listed here.

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